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Personalised Cosmic Art Print

Personalised Cosmic Art Print

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Would you like to know what your unique magic is? This art print offers stellar insights! Find out what wisdom the cosmos has gifted you in your birth chart.

This A4 Cosmic Art Print describes your personal super powers. The content is created by Professional Astrologer Liezl James, of Astral Hippie Astrology.
It is a tangible and empowering reminder of your personal wonder and unique energies,  encouraging you to live your gifts every day!

How it works

  1. Choose a design, and send me your birth date, time and place.
  2. Your birth chart is drawn up and analysed for the key highlights.
  3. Your Art print is manifested into being.
  4. Your high quality A4 Adobe pdf and png digital files are whooshed to you for download.
  5. Print, frame, and remind yourself every day how fabulous you are!

    I wish you the wisdom of the cosmos on your journey to your most fulfilled self, 
    xxx Liezl

    Extra Info

    • You will need at least a birth date and place. If you don't have a time that's perfectly fine!
    • Based on the accuracy of your birth data ~ your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign are included as applicable.
    • If you choose a Bespoke Design: Send me your favourite colour and thing (e.g. purple, dolphins) and I will create a once-off design just for you! 
    • It takes some time to analyse your natal chart and create your print. Orders are fulfilled sequentially and will follow in a few days. 
    • Please get in touch if you have any concerns with your results, we'll aim to make it perfect or offer a full refund.

    I can't wait to discover what your chart has to share with you!

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