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Gorgeous Cosmic Art Print


Unique and perfect gift

I decided to get one of the Cosmic Art Print for my husband’s birthday. The design is beautifully personalised and the wording is to a tee. It printed off perfectly and fits neatly in an A4 frame without any edges getting cut off.
My husband loves it!

Great experience!

Great experience! Comprehensive Astrology reading with the lovely & friendly Liezl, lots of info and great explanation too.

Zodiac Art Print
Janet V.
Zodiac Art Print

Zodiac Art Print
What a beautiful enlightening insight into the wonders of the Zodiac signs

Pinkie Promise Report
Wow! what an increible enchanting insight revealed in the
Pinkie Promise Report
You captured the essence of my little Pinkie

Fantastic to work with

1000% would recommend Liezl. Fantastic to work with, incredibly knowledgeable and the art prints are just gorgeous. Will get these framed and treasure for years to come. A wealth of information about my little ones too.

This lady is spot on

This lady is spot on. Beautifully displayed.

Zodiac Art Print
Digital Zodiac Prints

Liezl, your Digital Zodiac Prints are awesome! You have captured the true essence of each sign beautifully with such insight. I have a copy for each of my family and treasure them all.. You have most certainly offered the wonder of Astrology to all and with this the opening of the love of the Stars

highly recommend

I felt Liezl's detailed & understandable info very helpful for my life journey, I would highly recommend others to gather life info from her too ♡♡


Liezl @ Astral Hippie Astrology is amaaaaazing! She helped me understand my birth chart, something I never got my head around, and she made the experience fun and easy. With her Univers knowledge she can take you to places where perfection and heaven exists and you never want to come back. Liezl indeed is able to sprinkle stars in your life. 🌛⭐🌟☀️💜

Wonderful experience

Had such a wonderful experience with Liezl, she explained everything so clearly, it was easy for me to understand. Everything we were going through was extremely accurate, especially with what is currently going on with my life now. It really gave me clarity and hope for where I am going. I could not highly recommend her enough! Thank you so much, you are such a beautiful soul! ❤

Insightful, guiding session

What an insightful, guiding session I had with Liezl. I look forward to experiencing what the stars have aligned for me in the year ahead.


I absolutely loved having my natal chart reading with Liezl. 🎉🙏It was so amazing to have confirmation and understanding of who and what I am. She was so spot on with her analysis and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers and guidance. Thank you so much Liezl 🙏you are fantastic 💗🙏💗

Kind human

My experience with Liesel was amazing. A kinder human is hard to find. Her analysis and interpretation is amazing and pretty spot on. Thank you so much Liesel.

Grateful for the experience

I am so grateful for the experience! The reading was very accurate and provided some insights into questions which I had. Thank you Liezl for being so easy-going and making this process enjoyable! The reading resonated with where I am in my life. I appreciate the time, support and effort which you invested into this reading and experience!

Highly recommend

Highly recommend getting in touch with Liezl James to get deeper understanding about yourself and the influences the planets have on you.

Amazing wisdom

Liezl breaks down her amazing wisdom into really easy to digest, bite-size chunks. She clears through confusing clutter to make everything so relatable! This woman's knowledge is incredible. Before Liezl read my chart, I felt like I couldn't relate to my signs - but this beautiful wisdom weaver explained everything so clearly, and tied it all together in a way that I could grasp and embrace. Thank you Liezl!

You showed me a new world

I am pleased to get to meet Liezl, she made my birth chart and explained it into detail all it is important aspects, positives and negatives, being so it helped me to see my life so far and give a brief summary of my future, and I loved it. Liezl thanks so much for exists and for help people with your knowledge, you showed me a new world and I am so grateful for that


Liezl is so exciting about astrology, she loves is
My experience with her was really helpful I saw myself from inside
I strongly recommend Liezl she is amazing

Always insightful,

Always insightful, caring and informative. Just brilliant! Highly recommended to all those who are even slightly curious about their astrological influences!!!

Most beautiful soul

Liezl is the most beautiful souls I know. So positive and full of loving life 💛

Turning point for me

I loved my session with Leizl. It was a real turning point for me. I had been feeling really unsure and questioning if I was on the right path. the reading was so accurate and gave me the confidence to continue with what I was doing. it was exactly what I needed, clarity in the direction I was headed. I would highly recommend working with Leizl. She really goes out of her way to ensure you have all the information you need 💗

Awesome Service

Awesome Personal Service, Highly recommended