My Astrology Journey

My Astrology Journey

Hello there Astrology explorer, I am Liezl (lee-zil) James.

I luuurrrvvve helping people unveil their mysteries and acknowledge their talents! I’m here to help you find clues to your purpose, how to best approach the stuff of life, and to shine a light on your aspirations.

I translate the universal cosmic language of Astrology symbolism - and together we figure out what it means for you - Sherlock Holmes style.

My Astrology Journey

At 13 years old I came across Linda Goodman’s Love signs book.  I carried it with me everywhere for years! Being annoyingly analytical, I constantly tested the sign interactions against real-life interactions. And yes, I drove my friends batty!

I received my first grown up Astrology book on my 22nd birthday - Astrology, A cosmic science, by Isabel M. Hickey. It was beautiful, the inscription from my partner was beautiful, and it was waaaayy over my head! I went through sheaves of paper attempting to draw a perfect chart, but never trusted my math enough to read from a hand drawn attempt.  I turned to early Astrology internet app's, and spent another decade looking up everyone’s charts and trying to decipher them.

By my early 30’s I still hadn’t had enough about trying to understand us and our place in the universe, so I signed up for a (very intense!) 3-year Astrology diploma.  At the time I was also juggling formal IT studies and a ladder climbing career path in the business world, so was basically just in busy-overload mode.  Most people thought I was having an early mid-life crisis, and quite kooky! 

Fast forward a few decades from the fascinated teenager to my 40’s … I am now a  Consulting Professional Astrologer - who would have imagined the privilege!

I still study the vast subject of Astrology, every - single - day.  Astrology is in my consciousness, all the time.  It's the endless pathway to higher knowledge I'm happily trundling along. I'll never reach the end, and that's actually a marvellous thought!

I believe we are all made of stardust, and know the answers anyway. We just don't know we know.

To me, that is the big mystery to be solved ... to discover what we could know, and learn from it.

My Astrology Approach

I have had many formal and informal teachers, but my very first formal Diploma was with Rod Suskin, an internationally respected Astrologer who taught the ancient principles of Traditional Western Astrology.

The majority of the techniques I employ are therefore founded on a specific Astronomical calculation, or models thereof. Modern psychological concepts do colour these systems, though I do always try to be cognisant of the source.

When you learn why a particular method is used, and how it came about from thousands of years of planetary study and math calculations ... one doesn't simply discard intellectual elegance on a whim!

I have converted from Placidus to whole sign houses for the majority of my Astrological work, and use Regiomontanus house division for Horary.

Astrology Background

Since 2018 I have held a few webinars, had healing tents at Spirit Festivals, and co-hosted a number of events with my lovely friend Sirpa under our MoonTribe company in New Zealand. Before that I was on the Cape Astrology Association Committee from 2013-2015 in South Africa.

Formal courses and training includes:

  • Deborah Houlding School of Traditional Astrology, Practitioners Level Horary Astrology course, 2021
  • Rod Suskin School of Astrology, Diploma in Astrological Studies, 2011-2013
  • International Astrology Conferences: NORWAC 2020; Auckland 2018; Cape Town 2015
  • Astro University Summits: Astro + Relationships 2020; Life purpose & destiny 2018
  • Robert Hand Webinar, Revisiting Horoscope Symbols, 2016
  • Austin Coppock Tarot & Astrology, 2019
  • Richard Fidler Jyotish Intro, 2019
  • Chris Brennan, Chart Rectification, 2014
  • Rod Suskin Master Class, Primary Directions, 2014
  • Bernadette Brady Master Class and Courses, 2013+

Thanks for your interest, get in touch if you have any questions!

Bright blessings,
Liezl @ Astral Hippie Astrology

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