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Look Ahead Consultation

Look Ahead Consultation

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Every year your birthday marks the start of a personal new year. Each year holds new themes and specific karmic blossoming

This consultation provides insights on what to focus on in the year ahead. It highlights where best to use the current energies with intention, in particular:

  • Your main themes for the next 12 months.
  • Important dates, and why.
  • Where opportunities may lie, and where to be cautious.

Your 60-90 minute online consultation is with Professional Astrologer Liezl James, from Astral Hippie Astrology. The session is recorded (techie gremlins permitting!).

Predictive analysis is prepared in advance, and may include: Time lords such as Firdaria, Profected and Solar Return ruler; Progressed moon phase; Secondary progressions; Transits; Solar arcs.

Times shown are UTC+8hrs (Perth, Australia)

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