Your first breath

Your first breath

Your first breath is a wondrous cosmic interaction that inscribes the map of your karma onto your Astrological birth chart.

It holds the promise of what your unique starlight may manifest here on the earth.

The date, time and place of your birth is used to pinpoint the moment in time, and bring the map of the sky down to our mortal sphere.

Your birth chart heralds the promise of your whole life: what has gone, what is now, and what is yet to come. It is constantly interacting with universal planetary movements - It is a gift that keeps on giving. The occasion is constant. Every moment offers the prospect of new event or opportunity being triggered, and promises unfurling.

The Essence of Astrology

Astrology is a subtle art, overflowing with a magic essence that isn’t always explainable. It provides universal knowledge that helps you to consciously navigate your choices and interactions with the world. It uses divine mathematics and cosmic symbolism to light your way on the earthly plane. 

I like to think of Astrology like solving a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Astrological principles align with life’s ups and downs, providing truly amazing insights! 

An Ancient Wisdom Tradition

Today is the most fortunate time in history to be exploring the allure of Astrology. The mathematical calculating power that is available is unheralded in the history of mankind. And the pure volume of ancient knowledge being discovered and translated in the last few decades is awe-inspiring! 

Indian astrologers have an unbroken legacy from 3000 BCE, and Western Astrologers from at least 350 BCE. Astrologers have been recording the cycles of heavenly bodies for millennia. They analysed the impact of those heavenly cycles here on earth, creating the Astrological principles that inform the tradition. 

Ancient sages studied Maths, Science, Astronomy, Philosophy and Astrology as one. Astrology was entrenched in early Universities and is heralded as the mother of sciences and religion. Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle all contributed to Astrology’s origins, with Ptolemy being one of the most famous early Astrologers. In contemporary times, Carl Jung used astrology in his work, and even Albert Einstein referenced Astrology!

Why me, why you

I wish to give this artistic science credence.  To value and respect Astrology for what it is, a gift from the universe to me, and to you.

This stuff is magical, life affirming, potentially life changing, and just plain wow!

Finding those aha moments are just pure singing, silent, wild, bliss.  And I want to share that with you.  To highlight the wonder in your chart, and your life.

I’m sooooo excited to discover what your journey holds!


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