Discover your celestial promise through the wonder of Astrology. Explore your cosmic gifts through personalised and ready to gift Astrology Art Prints, Professional consultations and events.



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From your birth day we’ll identify your sun sign element (fire, earth, air, water) and explore your essential motivation.

Free live events on the last Sunday in July, August and September.

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Personalised Cosmic Art Print

Stylised A4 Art Print created by a Professional Astrologer from your birth chart. It is an empowering daily reminder of your unique super powers! Starts at AUD$90.00

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Look Ahead Consultation

This 60-90 minute Professional Astrology consultation provides insight into the upcoming year. It highlights where best to use the current energies with intention, along with important cycles and dates. AUD$180.00

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The Keys Consultation

This 30 minute Professional Astrology consultation provides an introductory insight into your charts key features. AUD$50.00

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