The Rose of Venus

The Rose of Venus

Where does the name Astral Hippie come from?

The word ASTRAL is simply wonderful. It means ‘relating to or resembling the stars‘ (think sky mapped onto an Astrological chart). It refers to ‘Astral Navigation’, which relates perfectly to exploring the cosmos! In addition, the latin word astrum means star – shiny, light filled, and full of promise!

HIPPIE, well that's just me wanna-be. I collect random bits of eclectic wonder in life, and love all things roaming, coddiwompling, free, loving, insightful, collaborative, interesting, adventurous and creative.

In truth, the name Astral Hippie just kinda popped up many years ago, and stuck.

And here we are - exploring the stars.

The Rose of Venus

The planet Venus orbits the earth in an 8-year cycle. That cycle creates the image above, known as the Rose of Venus. The mathematical calculations for this cycle echo the magical Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio. Heaven repeated on earth.

The inspiration for the original Astral Hippie Astrology logo was born out of this Venus mandala. To me it is a beautiful relational dance with great meaning. It is sent with the love of Goddess Venus, and is also prominent in my own Natal chart. Synchronistic wow-ness!

The below video shows the amazing pattern created by Earth and Venus orbiting the sun.

Bright wishes,


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